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We are excited to launch Corvette America Express Parts

We love Corvettes, We love the sound of Corvettes, We love the look of Corvettes , We love to touch Corvettes, We love the smell of Corvettes, We love all ages of Corvette. We Celebrate all things Corvette and are so pleased to be able to provide the parts to keep your Corvette in top shape. Corvette Car Parts USA-Free Delivery for all orders over 100 dollars

Welcome to our online Corvette part store . You can order online from anywhere is America ( USA) and we will send it to you the next day. 

Further good news is that all orders over one hundred dollars, we will pay the delivery costs. That’s right, orders over $100 attract free delivery!! 

Never has it been easier to tinker with the Corvette you love. Shiny, shiny parts all available from Corvette Car Parts America

Can’t sleep ?  Shopping online is a good way to beat insomnia, Pursuing your love of corvettes has never been easier.

This online store– we have called “Corvette America Express Parts”. It grew out of a fellow enthusiast’s frustration at not being  able to source Corvette parts. “I started ordering for myself and a few mates (‘mates” is Aussie for “friends” or “pals “as you USA folks are fond of saying) and this estore just grew from there. It has been a fast ride.

We started our first online Corvette parts Store in Brisbane Australia. that store quickly grew to over 2000 products.

Corvette Car Parts USA

By popular demand, three years later we now bring our online shopping, corvette estore  cart to America. 

Welcome to Corvette America Express Parts.  Enjoy shopping and feel free to say hi over at our blog, we would love to meet you. Welcome to the Corvette Family.

A brief history of the Corvette.

The first Corvette was built at Flint, Michigan, on June 30, 1953. The most recent Corvette was built  in the dedicated Corvette manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In between the first and the most recent , about 1.5 million Corvettes have been made in America and sold around the world.
The Corvette was invented in 1951 by GM designer Harley Earl, who was inspired by the great European sports cars of the day. He wanted to create an American sports car that could compete and win at the race track. The name “Corvette” was borrowed from a line of small, fast navy ships used in World War II.

The corvette has gone through various design phases:

C1—The Original Corvette (1953 to 1962)

C2—The Sting Ray (1963 o 1967)

C3—The Stingray Era (1968 to 1982)

C4—A Good Starter Corvette (1984 to 1996)

C5—Return to Glory (1997 to 2004)

C6—Refining Technology (2005 to 2010)

C7—The Future of the Corvette (2012 to present)

Corvette Car Parts America -Free Delivery

Corvette Car Parts America